Your home starts here.

Track construction progress

Your “Expectations” video segments will help you better understand builder terminology, the Mortgage Application process, how to make selections for your home, how your builder conducts site meetings, how to visit your home prior to closing and how the New Home Orientation works.

Get maintenance tips

Properly maintaining your home is essential for protecting your investment and preserving your warranty. Your “Maintenance” videos will help you understand how the systems (garage door, garbage disposal, carpet, tile, countertops, etc.) in your home work, and will give you tips and suggestions on how to best care for your home.

Understand your warranty

One advantages of purchasing a new home is that it comes with a limited warranty. But, did you know that your home has several limited warranties, and not just one? The “Warranty” video series explains which warranties you have, the periods they apply to, and how to use them in the event they’re needed.

Protect your largest asset!

By watching our construction, maintenance, and warranty videos, you can help ensure that your new home retains it beauty and value for years to come. Please review all the materials provided by your builder and reach out to your sales representative with any questions.